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Tell them: "My child is off-limits." Part 2

Protect your children - the experimental gene-based injections are neither safe nor effective

In the next few Substack articles, I will tell the stories of the children who have needlessly died, after receiving one or more of the experimental gene-based injections.

Sean Hartman loved to play hockey. He was required to take the experimental gene-based injection in order to play hockey. You have just watched his father singing happy birthday to his son, who he will never see again, this side of heaven.

Watch Mr. Hartman tell his son’s story in the following video, from 4 hours and 46 minutes..

Sean Hartman - 17 year old

This is a tribute to Sean.

Mr. Hartman has been gaslighted in the most awful way. Imagine your healthy child dying after the injection and being told no one knows the reason why. The Substack article I wrote about causality a few weeks ago, explains how Causality is assigned.

Mr. Hartman wants answers. The answer is that his son’s death is causally related to the administration of the experimental gene-based injection he received, but he is not being told this. The death of this young healthy child is at least possibly, and most likely probably related to the injection(s) he received.

Why are people like Dr. Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Mike Yeadon, Steve Kirsch, sounding an alarm? They are doing it for everyone, but especially for the children. Children cannot give informed consent. For any adult, to force them to play Russian Roulette [1,2] with their lives, and their health, is just plain wrong.

When the government in Canada (where Sean lived), the CDC, NIH and FDA say that these injections are safe and effective, parents believe them. What happens when something goes wrong, and your perfectly healthy child dies in their sleep, or on the soccer field in the middle of a game? What happens when your child’s health is destroyed, and no one is able to help them? What happens when your GP or primary care physician effectively calls you, the parent, a liar, and insists that the injections are not related to your child’s seizures, myocarditis, or sudden and unexpected death? What will you do, and how will you feel?

Your child does not have to be a sacrificial lamb

They are coming for the children, but you do not have to allow your children to be the sacrificial lambs on this altar of greed and corruption. We are grateful to any parent who has paid the ultimate price, and yet, is still willing to speak out to protect other children. One needless death is one too many, but there are many more deaths than Sean Hartman. Most deaths like Sean’s are undocumented. They are not being considered causally related to the administration of the experimental gene-based injections, and I know that that is by design. Yes, ladies and gentlemen - failure to causally assign the deaths to the injections is deliberate. How can I make that claim? Because the public health authorities know how to assign causality, and yet, they are not doing it. Instead, parents of healthy children who died suddenly and unexpectedly after receiving these injections, are being given the run-around, otherwise known as gaslighting.

Tell your children how to handle the illegal coercion and peer pressure

It is imperative that you protect your children. Warn your children that they must not take these injections, without your knowledge and your consent because you love them and know what is best for them. They must tell you immediately if a teacher, a school nurse, or anyone else tries to pressure them into taking these injections. Let them know that other children have died shortly after receiving these injections, and that it is like playing Russian Roulette [1,2].

Calling whistleblowers

If you are in a position to blow the whistle on what is happening, we need you to do that. You may work for one of the pharmaceutical companies that manufactures these injections, the NIH, the FDA or the CDC. You may be an expert in drug safety, manufacturing, clinical research, and an insider. You know that the public is not being told the truth.

If you are in a senior position, have access to information and documents, and emails, and are in a position to blow the whistle, we need you to do that. Children’s lives depend on you being courageous. Take legal advice, and then take the appropriate steps. Be on the right side of history.

Calling all investigative journalists

Investigational journalism is dead. If you are a journalist, and like spreading propaganda for the government, you are not the type of journalist that we need help from. There are some journalists who trained as journalists to search out the truth. You dreamt of being in war zones and telling the world what is really happening. This is your war zone. We need you to courageously tell these stories. If you have connections to the editors at major newspapers, and they want stories, we have the stories. Get in touch with anyone on the videos. If we can get the stories out, more parents will be able to protect their children.

The Facts

  1. Healthy children are not at risk from Sars-Cov-2 virus. When infected with the virus, most experience it like a mild influenza.

  2. It is highly doubtful that these experimental gene-based injections are safe enough for children that are seriously ill. Do your research and take competent medical advice if you have sick children.

  3. The risks far outweigh any potential for benefit with these injections, for children and babies who are healthy.

  4. The experimental gene-based injections have not been tested for long enough to shed light on the long term consequences on growth, reproductive capability and the long term health of children.

  5. The impact of these injections on the immune systems of adults and children is of grave concern. The pharmaceutical companies and public health authorities plan to administer multiple repeat “Booster doses”. These repeat doses will cause various types of harm to the immune system, and to the body in general. The research has not been done to evaluate these risks but the health implications are becoming clear on the basis of the serious adverse reactions that have already come to light, including deaths.

  6. These experimental gene-based injections should be withdrawn, but there is no immediate plan to take this action. Legal steps are being taken to bring this about. In the meantime, protect your children, and yourself. Do not comply unless it is in your child’s best interest to do so.

  7. Do these injections affect fertility? Young girls in Africa were injected with tetanus vaccines. It was discovered that they were sterilized [3]. The tetanus vaccines also included agents to sterilize young girls and women in Africa, without their consent. Why should you be concerned? The experimental gene-based injections are concentrating in the ovaries, causing menstrual problems, and therefore causing fertility issues. The same people who sterilized young women in Africa, without their knowledge or consent, manufacture and distribute the injections that they want to inject your children with. Should you be concerned? Yes.

None of these parents whose children died after the injections received a single call from any public health authorities. Think about that. No one called to give their condolences, or to be a shoulder for them to cry on. Why?

They do — not — care!

To CDC, NIH, FDA and Pharma executives behind these injections

In most of the stories, the parents and the injured say, I did what I was asked to do by my government. Repeated statements that the injections are safe and effective lulled them into a false sense of security to take their children to be injected.

To the decision makers in pharma, NIH, CDC and FDA, who are behind the patenting, research, development, and pushing of these unsafe and ineffective experimental gene-based injections, hear this, and hear this well:

What you are doing is evil!

You are deliberately harming the innocent so that you can make money, and a lot of it. Your children will go to the best schools, but you have innocent blood on your hands, and that will follow your generations forever. Some of you may be awarded Knighthoods, and Nobel prizes, but you are no different to child murderers. Furthermore, I guarantee you that you will not get away with this carnage. Justice will ultimately be served.

I would be very happy to see those of you who are deliberately misleading parents, by making claims that the injections are safe and effective, hung, drawn and quartered. Given this is a medieval punishment, I will settle for all of you being in a high security prison, for the rest of your miserable lives.



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3. Oller, J. , Shaw, C. , Tomljenovic, L. , Karanja, S. , Ngare, W. , Clement, F. and Pillette, J. (2017) HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World. Open Access Library Journal, 4, 1-32. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1103937.

4. Talwar, G. P., Singh, O., Pal, R., Chatterjee, N., Sahai, P., Dhall, K., Kaur, J., Das, S. K., Suri, S., & Buckshee, K. (1994). A vaccine that prevents pregnancy in women. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 91(18), 8532–8536.

5.Watch the short video on the risks of infertility, and sign up for the full movie.

Please share with your family, friends and enemies

I hope you will send this Substack article to friends, families and even to your enemies, so that we can undermine every effort to ensure all children, and babies, are injected with these unsafe and ineffective experimental gene-based injections.

You must read this Substack. Your children’s life could depend upon it.


If your child died after receiving one of the experimental gene-based injections, and you want to warn other parents, we can include their stories on a Substack article. Please send your child’s story, with any videos, to CLINICALTRIALS345@GMAIL.COM.

As always, you are encouraged to seek medical advice for your own personal situation. Whatever you read here, should not take the place of your own personal consultation with your qualified and competent medical advisors.

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Escape from 1984 to informed consent, privacy and autonomy
Escape from 1984 to informed consent, privacy and autonomy